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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Snoop Lion, Mr. Cartoon & Estevan Oriol talk about Mexican and Japanese Lowriders and Business on GGN

Snoop Lion keeps it real on GGN ( http://www.youtube.com/user/westfesttv ), I like how in this episode he talks with Mister Cartoon (Tattoo Artist http://www.mistercartoon.com/ ) and Estevan Oriol (photographer http://www.estevanoriol.com/ ) about Old school lowrider airbrushing styles.

With some more funny exerpts, I had to laugh once again with his 1-800-SAVE-A-BITCH and www.SAVEABITCH.com. And with GGN's sexy weather report to top it off, GGN news remains to be my favorite news network of all time.

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Facebook Enables Hashtags

So facebook finally has hashtags. This is great for tracking conversations. I like to think of it as a chat room, where any word, phase or acronym can be one. With other social networks who have already been using them, there have arose many popular hashtags such as;

  1.  /
  2. aka
  3.  aka 
Here's a few more;
Just to name a few.

I found a few more acronym related to  to get more followers and exposure such as;
Just use some of these in your posts and you will get more followers. People using these hashtags will follow you because they need followers too.

Common mistakes:


#or they are all messed up like this n noone will find them

#Please #don't #hashtag #every #single #word. #because #people #find it #very #annoying #and #it #doesn't #help

If you were to insert #hashtags into your sentences, only tag words relevant to the topic or subject. Avoid redundancy like adding the same hashtag you've already used in a sentence. #Tips  #Hashtags #Advice

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Want to get more likes, subscribers, friends, followers, and traffic?

Just a quick video saying wassup. Testing out everything and popping my cherry on this blogging stuff. I'm just being me, doing whatever I want, putting myself out there. I think I might add more to this post later maybe, but for now i'm not going to spend to much time thinking about it, (links, keywords, etc.) so for now i'm out.